Razor Wire Fencing Used For High Security Fence

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Razor Wire Fencing Used For High Security Fence

Aug. 12, 2022

We produce all kinds of high-quality razor wire fencing. It is used as an engineering construction of temporary or permanent nature of the installation on the ground or on already existing fence. Due to the substantial effect of cutting and springy properties of perimeter, fence spiral is a formidable physical barrier.


Razor Wire Fencing Used For High Security Fence


Raw materials: 

Galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, stainless steel mesh.

Razor wire fencing according to installation method can be divided into: concertina wire, flat wrap coil, spiral, twisted and welded razor mesh, electrified concertina wire, mobile razor wire security barrier, and mobile security barrier Prism.


PVC coated razor mesh 

It has good corrosion resistance, even in high humidity environments will not rust quickly.

Surface treatment:

Galvanized then PVC coated, the color bright and generous.


Galvanized razor wire: 

Galvanized zinc layer thickness is the main quality criteria, and it decided the galvanized razor fence corrosion resistance, good or bad. The thicker the zinc coating, the better the corrosion resistance is.
High mechanical properties of materials (strength, hardness, elasticity) make it virtually impossible snacking or slicing without any special tools, and a protective layer of zinc on the material gives a high resistance to corrosion and long service life of at least 25 years.


Galvanized razor wire fencing, with clips

BTO-22 concertina wire.
Wire thickness: 2.5mm.
Blade thickness: 0.5mm.
Blade length: 20mm.
Interval between blades: 35-40mm.
Diameter coil: 450mm (56 loops).
Weight: 7 kg.
1000 meters × 5 strands/8 strands fencing is the common use.


Stainless steel razor wire is made with stainless steel sheet and steel wire. Stainless steel razor concertina offers longer service life compared with other materials, and much better property of corrosion resistance.


Stainless steel razor wire fence, with clips

● Type/quality: 304CTB65.

● Wire thickness: 3.0mm.

● Blade thickness: 0.5mm.

● Blade length: 30mm.

● Interval between blades: 35-40mm.

● Diameter coil: 27" (54 loops).

● Weight: 10 kg.


Razor wire fencing new specification:

● Outer coil diameter: 750 mm (Before Extension).

● Inner coil diameter: 600 mm (Before Extension).

● Barbed tape: 0.5mm thick stainless steel sheet grade AISI 430.

● Core wire: 2.5mm high tensile stainless steel (AISI 304).

● No. of turns: 33.

● Tape width: 21mm.

● Barb length: 65mm.

● No. of clips: nil.

● Extended length: 10m.

● Connection between two coils: 1.2 mm stainless steel rope.

● Packing: individually packed in craft paper.


Production process

Razor wire concertina manufactured by the following technologies. First, rolled galvanized steel coils by cold forging, made barbed tape - a metal band with a sharp cutting studs on both sides. Then, barbed tape on special equipment is crimped around the guide wire. As aiming high carbon wire is commonly used spring wire. After crimping get razor concertina wire barbed tape, concertina barbed tape is practically one with the foundation, it can not in any way be separated from the carrier wire.


Barbed tape

Barbed tape, being a modern version of barbed wire allows the construction of strong and very difficult to overcome the razor barriers, as well as other types of mechanical barriers. There is an opportunity to strengthen and recuperate existing fences. The construction of barbed tape is based on a thin steel strip with cut edges, which is compressed around a solid steel wire.



Simple packing and carton packing. For simple packing, inside is water proof paper and outside is woven bags and then compression; sometimes we can load the container one coil by one coil and sometimes we can make the coils to big bundles and for loading easily. It is main for BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-22, BTO-30 and CBT-25. Galvanized razor coils usually use this packing. For carton packing, Razor mesh coils are loading into hard cartoon boxes, it is mainly application to CBT-65, CBT-60 (450mm). Special type of packing is also available.

Installation of razor wire concertina can be used to build fences of varying height, width, thickness, both directly on the ground, and on any type of fence, as well as on the roofs and walls of the building.


Razor Wire Fencing Used For High Security Fence



Razor wire fencing secure the following objects: bases and depots, water conservation and environmental businesses, nuclear power plants and CHP plants, hydropower plants and power plant, gas supply and gas distribution facilities, facilities of defense, the interior ministry and penitentiary, areas of mining and border regions . In recent years, concertina coil has become popular for the installation of safety barriers in horticulture, in suburban areas, and private facilities. Razor wire concertina is often used as mobile security barrier to enclose an area.


Razor concertina security fencing sizes:

● Diameter of punched tape concertina coils: 1050 mm.

● Number of spiral turns per coil: 50.

● No. of G.I. clips per spiral pair: 5.

● Thickness of G.I. spring steel core wire: 2.60 mm.

● Thickness of G.I. strip: 0.50 mm (as per IS 513) - cold drawn low carbon strip.

● Recommended stretch length per coil: 10 m.

● Uniform gap between the sharp barbs: 24 mm (center to center) - barb spacing.

● Length of each barb: 11 mm - standard.

● Thickness of G.I clip: 1.8 mm.

● Packing of concertina coils to be done with jute cloth.

● Gross weight per coil: 15 kgs (Approx.).

● With anti rust power coating.


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