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Filter Mesh Sheet

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Filter Mesh Sheet

Filter Wire Mesh

Filter wire mesh is made of stainless steel mesh or iron wire mesh by machine stamping. Beginning Wire Mesh offers stainless steel wire mesh filter and black wire mesh filter to wide applications:


Stainless Steel Filter Wire Mesh 

Main material: stainless steel filter screen. We focus on custom stainless steel wire mesh according to your requirements to meet your demands:

• Shape of Stainless steel wire mesh filter: rectangular, circular, annular, distance, waist and other shapes.

• Structure of Stainless steel wire mesh filter: single layer, multi-layer composite filter screen, combined filter screen.

• Layers of Stainless steel wire mesh filter: single layer, double layer, three layers, four layers, five layers, multi-layer.


Black Filter Wire Mesh

Black filter wire mesh disc is made of low carbon steel and its weaving type includes plain weave, twill weave and dutch weave. With superior quality, black wire mesh filter discs are widely used in rubber industry, plastic industry, oil industry, grain industry, and etc.


Application of Filter Wire Mesh

Wire mesh filter is mainly used for filtering parts in petroleum, chemical, plastic, automobile and other industries.

  • Industrial Air Filtration
  • Industrial Liquid Filtration
  • Industrial Sludge Filtration
  • Industrial Waste Water Filtration


Benefits of Filter Wire Mesh

• Wire mesh filters are built to OEM specifications.

• Designed for more efficient performance than OEM wire mesh filters.

• Compatible with your original equipment.

• Wire Mesh filters are washable at the job site.

• Constructed with heavy duty materials for durability.

• Wire mesh filter from Beginning Wire Mesh  is a cost efficient alternative to OEM replacements.


Beginning Wire Mesh is a professional manufacturer of filter wire mesh for industries. Please feel free to choose what you need at Beginning without worrying about the quality and price. We will guarantee our quality and considerate services to customers from worldwide. Contact us if you have any questions.

Filter Mesh Sheet

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